From the wilds of Jersey, Brian Scartocci is a retro-soul phenomenon making waves deep in the heart of Texas and beyond. Having spent the better part of the decade fronting bands such as "Austin Heat" and "Blind Lead The Blind," the call to return to his roots - soul and classic r&b music - has reinvigorated this gifted singer/songwriter. Scartocci is able to tap into the depths of the voice to bring you to a place that is warmly familiar, yet still unexplored and intriguing. It's that innate power that makes Scartocci a must-see performer. Onstage, Scartocci marvels audiences with guaranteed dynamic execution - often ending up offstage and in the crowd, clothes torn and drenched, never showing signs of fatigue.

Audiences on two continents and over a dozen US states can attest to Scartocci's willingness to leave it all on the floor in an effort to provide them with an indelible memory. A 2012 contestant on NBC's "The Voice," Brian Scartocci is no stranger to a wide audience and finds that, large or small, it's the passion of that audience that drives him to deliver. "It's their show, it's their party. I need their energy as much as they need mine, and when we get to that place where it starts to come together, we can go absolutely anywhere. I mean to take them there - every time." It's all coming together for Brian Scartocci as the dawn of his solo career shines a bright light on the young soul man. "I'm giving the world the most honest version of myself. This is me, this is my soul. It's taken me a long time to wrap it, but I'm offering it to you now - dirt and dust and all."

Brian's recorded works are available on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music & everywhere else music is streamed. Produced by the incredible Austin Roach, Brian's recordings are all at once tight, funky, firey and poignant with an air of elegance thanks in part to lush string arrangements and soaring background vocals. For more on producer & guitar ace Austin Roach visit his bio page here.

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