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Multi-talented, brilliant and resolute, Austin, TX's own Mr. Austin Roach has been forging a legacy as one of the "Live Music Capital's" premiere guitar players for over a decade. With a distinguishable taste and musicianship that is truly second to none, Austin has hypnotized audiences across the country and around the globe as the lead guitarist for ROXY ROCA, Brian Scartocci and more. Austin's performances are captivating not only for his sound (most frequently amplified through his own custom ROACH rig), but with a one-of-a-kind stage presence and undeniable charisma. Austin's mastery of his instrument is evident at any live-performance, but is also captured on all of Brian Scartocci's released recordings. His solo features on songs like "Darlin'" and "Damn Hammer" are highlights that will stand the test of time.

Every bit as important to the musical biography of Austin Roach is his ever expanding resume as a producer/engineer. With multiple albums and singles to his name dating back to 2012, Austin's production capabilities reach beyond the ever-important mixing and mastering of raw recordings to include writing and programming string arrangements, percussion, horn sections and all of the intangible elements that give a track a sound unique to Austin Roach - the producer. It's this extraordinary skillset coupled with his otherworldly charm and presence that makes Austin Roach a valued and stand-out member of any music community. Look for big things from this special talent throughout the coming decade.

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